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    第一部分 听力(共四大题,满分20分)略

    第二部分 英语知识运用(共两大题,满分30分)



    ( )21.—You can ________ between joining the dancing club and going to the chess club.—I consider going to the chess club, for I like playing chess better.A. decide B. guess C. hide D. wait

    【答案】 A


    decide: to think carefully about thedifferent possibilities that are available andchoose one of them 对…作出抉择;决定;选定

    guess:to try to answer a question or form an opinion when you are not sure whether you will be correct猜﹐猜测:

    hide: to put or keep sb/sth in a place where they/it cannot be seen orfound 藏;隐蔽

     wait: to stay where you are or delay(推迟) doing sth until sb/sth comes orsth happens 等;等待;等候句意为:你可以在参加舞蹈俱乐部和象棋俱乐部之间做选择 我考虑参加象棋俱乐部,因为我更喜欢下象棋

    ( )22. —I have ________ but praise for the police because they often help people out of trouble.—Yes, they’re well worth praising.A. everything B. nothing C. anything D. something


    【解析】考察句意和不定代词的用法 句意为:我只有赞扬警察,因为他们经常帮助人们摆脱困境 是的,他们的确值得赞扬

    ( )23. —What place will you suggest if I travel to your hometown?—The best-known Mount Huangshan comes ________ as the first choice.A. hardly B. patiently C. strangely D. naturally

    【答案】 D

    【解析】考察副词 句意为:如果我到你们家乡去游玩,你建议我去什么地方? 最著名的黄山自然是首选 hardly 几乎不 patiently有耐心地 strangely奇怪地

    ( )24. —I do morning exercises every day. It works my whole body.—It’s a good habit. It helps you keep in good ________.A. time B. touch C. health D. silence


    【解析】考察名词和短语 keep in good health 保持健康 句意:我每天都做早操。它让我全身都得到锻炼 这是一个好习惯,他能让你保持健康

    ( )25. —Do you know the spacewoman Wang Yaping?—Sure. She is called the mother who ________ the stars.A. gave out B. put away C. looked after D. reached for

    【答案】 D

    【解析】考察动词短语 reach for the stars= to try to be successful at sth that is difficult 有九天揽月之志;努力完成壮举give out : to produce sth such as heat, light, etc. 发出,放出(热、光等)put away: to put sth in the place where it is kept because you have finishedusing it 将…收起;把…放回原处

    look after: to take care of someone by helping them, giving them what they need, or keeping them safe照顾﹐照料句意:你认识女宇航员王亚平吗? 当然。她被成为摘星妈妈

    ( )26. —Jim and I share ________ tastes and hobbies,—No wonder you take part in lots of meaningful social activities together.A. separate B. weak C. similar D. double


    【解析】考察形容词句意:吉姆和我有相似的口味和爱好 难怪你们一起参加许多有意义的社会活动。 separate;to divide into different parts or groups; to divide things intodifferent parts or groups (使)分开,分离;分割;划分 similar: ike sb/sth but not exactly the same 相像的;相仿的;类似的

     ( )27. —What are you saving money for?—Father’s Day is around the corner. I ________ a gift for my father.A. am going to buy B. have bought C. bought D. was buying


    【解析】考察时态 around the corner: very near 很近;在附近 句意:你存钱干什么? 父亲节要到了。我打算给我父亲买一个礼物(故用一般将来时)

     ( )28. You won’t fully experience the culture of a foreign country ________ you go there in person.A. because B. unless C. as soon as D. as long as


    【解析】考察连词 句意:除非你亲自去那里,否则你无法完全体验外国的文化 unless:除非 as soon as :一... ...就... ... as long as :只要

    ( )29. —Hey, Tom, you are making noise. You should be polite ________.—Sorry, Mum. I’ve got it.A. at most B. in public C. on time D. by chance


    【解析】考察介词短语 句意:喂!汤姆,你吵死了。在公共场合下你要礼貌点。 对不起,妈妈!我知道了。 at most: not more than 至多;不超过 on time: at the correct or agreed time by chance: some things happen without being planned or caused by people巧合﹐偶然

    ( )30. —Cooking helps us show love for family members.—________. Every time I make dishes for Mum, she is very happy.A. I can’t believe it B. Take it easy C. I couldn’t agree more D. That depends


    【解析】句意:烹饪有助于你表达对家人的爱 完全同意。每次我为我妈妈做饭的时候,她都很开心。 I can’t believe it 我无法相信 take it easy不着急,慢慢来 that depends看情况而定



    You never know where life will lead you. When I was a young boy, I got 31 up my nose one time. After that I 32 wanted to get in the water again. I thought swimming was not for me.

    One day, I 33 my skateboard and broke my leg so badly, and the doctors said I could never really skateboard again. They said swimming was the only 34 that would be good for me.

    Well, I gave it a 35 . Every week, I got a little 36 and hated swimming a little less, I worked at it so much that one day my high school swimming coach asked me to 37 the school team. You can imagine how that made me and my family feel 38 I was so afraid of the waler before!

    Much to everyone’s surprise, I won third place in the city finals. 39 is a big part of my life now. You never know which road life will take you down. Look at me—a swimmer!

    For this reason, I say: don’t limit (限制) your 40 . And remember, life is a swimming pool. Jump in and start swimming! You might be surprised where you end up.


    【31题】选A 作者呛水了,所以选A ; sand沙子 juice汁 air 空气

    【32题】选B 作者呛水之后,再也不想下水了。所以选B; still任然;静止的; also 也; even 甚至

    【33题】选D 从滑板上摔下来,把腿摔断了,所以选D ; turn down 把声音调低;把光线调暗;拒绝 look at 看 wait for等待 fall off从... ...摔下来

    【34题】选A 游泳可能是适合我的唯一的锻炼exercise锻炼 story故事 housework家务 journey 旅行

    【35题】选C 尝试一下,因为接下里文章说的是作者开始游泳的经历。visit 拜访 band乐队

    【36题】选A 下文说讨厌游泳的程度变小了,所以36空应该是感觉好点了 slower更慢 higher更高 heavier更重

    【37题】选C 教练让作者参加校队 check 检查;核对 catch抓住 invite邀请

    【38题】选B 因为你可以想象得到我和我家人的感受,因为我之前是如此的害怕水。

    【39题】选B 作者获得了第三名,根据下文You never know which road life will take you down. Look at me—a swimmer!可判断

    【40题】选D 不要限制你的选择,作者开始是在游泳和滑板之间做选择的。其它三个选项不符合题意。


    Your brain doesn’t have to do anything extra (额外的) to tell the truth. You think of what you want to say, and you say it. Lying 41 much more work.

    Here’s an 42 of what goes into a simple lie. Imagine you’re late for class and the teacher asks 43 and you decide to lie. You now have to either came up with a story or remember the story you 44 as you were rushing to class. So you say, “I had to stop by the 45 and borrowed a book.” Your teacher asks, “The book I recommended (推荐) last period?”

    You must decide how to answer 46 . If you say yes, the teacher might ask you to show her the book. Or she might 47 you to read from it in class. If you say it is a 48 book, she might ask which book you’ve checked out. So you have to be ready with the 49 of another book and make sure it’s a book the school library owns.

    You give your 50 a ton of extra work! Why not just tell the truth? It’s much easier.

    ( )41. A. refuses B. avoids C. takes D. fixes

    ( )42. A. example B. ability C. interview D. agreement

    ( )43. A. when B. who C. why D. which

    ( )44. A. listened to B. made up C. wrote down D. left behind

    ( )45. A. store B. gate C. station D. library

    ( )46. A. recently B. secretly C. angrily D. quickly

    ( )47. A. expect B. help C. hate D. pay

    ( )48. A. boring B. personal C. cheap D. different

    ( )49. A. cover B. name C. price D. size

    ( )50. A. book B. exam C. brain D. class

    【41题】 选C 句意撒谎需要更多额外的工作。 refuse拒绝 avoid避免 fix修理;固定

    【42题】 选A 文章接下里是用一个例子来论证Lying takes much more work.故选A。ability能力 interview采访;面试 agreement同意;一致

    【43题】 选C 老师问你为什么迟到,你决定撒谎。

    【44题】 选B make up在此处意为编造。句意;你要么现场想出一个故事,要么想起你在匆匆忙忙赶到学校的路上编造的故事。 listen to 听 write down 写下 leave behind把〔某物或某人〕留在某处

    【45题】 选D 下文说借一本书,所以选D 图书馆。store商店 gate大门 station站

    【46题】 选D 如何快速地回答。recently最近 secretly秘密地 angrily生气地

    【47题】 选A 期望你在全班面前读你借的书。hate讨厌

    【48题】 选D 上文说if you say yes意为是老师推荐的书,此处想表达的意思是如果不是老师推荐的书的情况,所以填different(不同的) boring 无聊的 personal个人的 cheap 便宜的

    【49题】 选B 另外一本书的名字,并且要确保图书馆有这本书 cover封面 price价格 size 尺码

    【50题】 选C 给你的大脑很多额外的工作。根据文章第一句Your brain doesn’t have to do anything extra (额外的) to tell the truth。

    第三部分 阅读理解(共两大题,满分45分)Ⅶ.补全对话(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,其中有两个为多余选项。

    Ann: Hello, Zoe.

    Zoe: Hello, Ann. How are you doing?

    Ann: 51 Are you free this weekend?

    Zoe: 52 What for?

    Ann: Would you like to go to the concert with me?

    Zoe: Sure. 53

    Ann: Country Music. I love it! It always makes me think of my hometown.

    Zoe: Country music also touches me deeply. Millie and Allan love it too. 54

    Ann: OK. 55

    【51题】选B 上文问你还好吗?所以选I’m good;

    【52题】选C 上面一句是一个一般疑问句,意为你这个周末有空吗?

    【53题】选G 下文说Country music(乡村音乐)

    【54题】选D 根据Millie和Allan也喜欢乡村音乐,以及下文OK可确定选D,意为为什么不邀请他们一起呢?





    ( )56. When did the lowest temperature appear in Antarctica?

    A. In 1786. B. In 1907. C. In 1911. D. In 1983.

    ( )57. Who first stayed in Antarctica for some time?

    A. Fishermen. B. Scientists. C. Researchers. D. Explorers.

    ( )58. Where is Earnest Shackleton from?

    A. Britain. B. Norway. C. The South Pole. D. The North Pole.

    【56题】选D 细节题 根据The lowest temperature was on 21 July in 1983 at—89.2℃!

    【57题】选A 细节题 根据The first people to stay there for a while were fishermen in 1786.

    【58题】选A 细节题 根据During 1907—1909, British explorer Earnest Shackleton explored Antarctica on foot.


    Have you ever seen lions dancing in the streets? The lions dance to the beat of a drum (鼓). Of course, they are not real lions. They are dancers in lion costumes (服饰). Lion dancing first started in China centuries ago. It is meant to bring good luck in the coming year.

    Usually, a lion is made up of two dancers. One dancer controls the head. The other controls the tail.

    “I think of it as a sport,” says Anthony Huang, aged 16. He is a member of the New York Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club. Anthony performs (表演) as the lion’s head. It can weigh 20 pounds. Lion dancing is important to Anthony. “This tradition really lifts me up,” he says.

    In the past, lion dancing was performed mostly by men. But it is different today. LionDanceMe is a lion dancing group in San Francisco, California. There are boys and girls on its team. They dance together.

    “Anyone can take up lion dancing. You have to believe that you can do it,” says Ananda Tang-Lee, a 17-year-old girl.

    Lion dancing will continue to evolve. But a team’s sense of community will never change. “We call it a family,” Ananda says, “It’s really great, because we always have each other’s backs.”

    ( )59. Why do people perform lion dancing?

    A. To sell lion-dancing costumes. B. To wish for a lucky new year.

    C. To protect the lions in the wild. D. To show skills of playing the drum.

    ( )60. Which role does Anthony play in lion dancing?

    A. The lion’s head. B. The lion’s tail. C. The drummer. D. The dresser.

    ( )61. What does the underlined word “evolve” mean?

    A.延期 B.模仿 C.举办 D.演变

    ( )62. What can we infer (推断) from Ananda’s words “We call it a family”?

    A. They bring happiness to the family. B. They call lion dancing a family game.

    C. They live together in a big family. D. They support each other like a family.

    【59题】选B 细节题 根据It is meant to bring good luck in the coming year.

    【60题】选A 细节题 根据Anthony performs (表演) as the lion’s head

    【61题】选D 词义猜测题 从but可以确定 evolve的词义和never change相反 故选D

    【62题】选D 推理判断题 下文we always have each other’s backs(我们总是需要互相支持)对于support(支持)


    The Search-for-Lost-Birds list has come to public attention recently. It lists ten kinds of birds that have not been seen in the wild for at least fifteen years. The list is calling on people to search for the rarest (最珍稀的) birds on Earth.

    There could be several reasons for the long disappearances of the birds on the list. Maybe there have been no studies in areas where they live. Maybe people don’t know where or how to find them. Maybe there are changes to their natural homes because of human activities.

    This year, four expeditions (考察队) are planning to find eight kinds of birds. If any of these lost birds are found, ways can be found to protect them and help their populations grow. This has happened with birds like the Madagascar pochard. The number of this once- lost kind of bird is now increasing.

    ( )63. How many kinds of birds are on the Search-for-Lost-Birds list?

    A. Four. B. Eight. C. Ten. D. Fifteen.

    ( )64. What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

    A. Changes of the living areas of the birds. B. Suggestions on how to protect the birds.

    C. Reasons for the disappearances of the birds. D. Steps of building natural homes for the birds.

    ( )65. What can we learn about the Madagascar pochard?

    A. It has not been found till now. B. It has a larger population than before.

    C. It needs to live close to humans. D. It provides protection for other birds.

    ( )66. What is the best title (标题) for the text?

    A. Ways to Raise Rare Birds B. Bird-lovers Around the World

    C. Searches for the Lost Birds D. Stories About Birds in the Wild

    【63题】选C 细节题 根据It lists ten kinds of birds that have not been seen in the wild for at least fifteen years.

    【64题】选C 细节题 根据There could be several reasons for the long disappearances of the birds on the list.

    【65题】选B 细节题 根据The number of this once- lost kind of bird is now increasing.

    【66题】选C 主旨大意题 从文章第一句The Search-for-Lost-Birds list has come to public attention recently.可知。


    A team of scientists are carrying out a project at the University of Greenwich in London. They are trying to find ways to make food on Mars (火星) in the future. The project is called Feeding Mars. It tries to use water, fish and fish waste to grow fruit and vegetables on Mars.

    It would take at least 21 months to reach Mars, learn about its surface and return to Earth. So it would be a big help if the spacemen could grow fresh food on Mars itself.

    Farming on Mars, however, will be very hard. There’s plenty of water that could be taken from ice just below the surface, but the land on Mars is missing the nutrients (养分) that living things need. The team say that they could solve the problem by growing plants and fish together. Fish waste can then be used to provide nutrients for plants.

    “It is expected that you can grow lots of food, such as vegetables, salads, teas and medicinal plants on Mars,” said Dr Benz Kotzen, who leads the project. “You can even harvest (捕获) fish for food then.”

    ( )67. What does the underlined word “It” in Paragraph 1 refer to (指的是)?

    A. The future. B. The project. C. The land. D. The planet.

    ( )68. What makes it difficult to farm on Mars?

    A. Ice below the surface. B. Too much fish waste.

    C. The missing of living things. D. The poor land condition.

    ( )69. How does Dr Benz Kotzen feel about Feeding Mars?

    A. Hopeful. B. Doubtful. C. Surprised. D. Funny.

    【67题】选B 细节题 根据The project is called Feeding Mars. It tries to use water, fish and fish waste to grow fruit and vegetables on Mars.

    【68题】选D 细节题 根据but the land on Mars is missing the nutrients (养分) that living things need(火星上的土地缺少生物需要的养分)

    【69题】选A 推理判断题 根据最后一段,Dr Benz Kotzen说“你可以种植很多食材,是可以预计的”可知


    The night sky is our earliest library. There, we stored our knowledge, and passed it down around the fire, before we invented the written word.

    I remember going to the local university for an astronomy (天文学) night when I was a child. That night, I saw Saturn, one of the planets, and its rings with my own eyes for the first time. The rings shone bright against the blackness of space and suddenly the universe (宇宙) wasn’t something that you only read about or imagined in your head. It was right there, and you were a part of it. That moment is priceless.

    While starlight is good, light pollution here on Earth can be a real problem. For the past 200 years or so, we have used too much electricity (电) to make the night brighter. However, brighter doesn’t usually mean better, especially when a lot of that light shines up into the sky where no one needs it.

    Luckily, some cities have taken actions, like setting up new downward-directing lights along the streets. I hope that more cities will join in and continue the practice of controlling unnecessary lighting, so that more of us can watch the night sky in a way humans have for thousands of years.

    ( )70. What is the night sky compared to?

    A. A book. B. The earth. C. A library. D. The universe.

    ( )71. How did the writer find the astronomy night?

    A. It opened his eyes. B. It controlled his mind.

    C. It was a real problem. D. It took him too much time.

    ( )72. What does the writer hope for?

    A. A brighter night. B. Less use of lighting.

    C. More personal space. D. A better education.

    【70题】选C 细节题 根据第一段The night sky is our earliest library.

    【71题】选A 推理判断题 根据第二段The rings shone bright against the blackness of space and suddenly the universe (宇宙) wasn’t something that you only read about or imagined in your head. It was right there, and you were a part of it. That moment is priceless.这个光圈在太空黑色的背景里闪耀,突然宇宙不再是你在书本上读到的样子,也不再是我在头脑中想象的样子。它就在那里,你本身就是宇宙的一部分。这一刻是无价的。

    【72题】选B 推理判断题 根据最后一段I hope that more cities will join in and continue the practice of controlling unnecessary lighting.(我希望越来越多的城市加入进来,持续控制使用不必要的灯光)



    A father bought a kite for his son. The son couldn’t wait to fly it. So, on the next windy day, they took the kite to a park.

    First, the father taught his son to fly the kite. Soon, the son was flying the kite high in the air. When it couldn’t go higher, the son realized something. “The string (线) is holding the kite down,” he said to himself. “If I cut it, it can fly higher.”

    The son cut the string. After that, the kite flew up a little more. However, the kite didn’t rise for long. It slowly came down until it landed in a tree far away. The son was surprised.

    “I thought the kite could fly higher without the string,” he said. “What happened?”

    “The string wasn’t holding the kite down,” said the father. “It was helping it stay higher. After you cut the string, it didn’t have any support.”

    Really, rules are like the string that seems to hold us down in our daily life. But, without them, we can’t fly high like the kite. We should never let go of them.

    73. Where did the son fly the kite? (不超过10个词)


    74. Why did the son cut the string? (不超过10个词)


    75. What can we learn from the story? (不超过10个词)


    【73题】The son flew the kite in a park.(根据第一段 they took the kite to a park可知)

    【73题】He thought the kite could fly higher without the string

    【73题】Without rules ,we can’t fly high like the kite.

    第四部分 写(共两大题,满分25分)



    76. I’m afraid I might lose my best friend, and I’ll try to r (修复) our relationship.

    77. The Internet o (提供) special ways of communication in our daily life.

    78. Making mistakes in class is c (常见的) to all, so be brave to face it.

    79. The advice my English teacher gave me was s (聪明的)and useful.

    80. May the whole world be full of p (和平), love, and happiness.

    【76题】 repair

    【77题】 offers(注意三单)

    【78题】 common

    【79题】 smart

    【78题】 peace



    1.风趣幽默,深受喜爱; 2.团队合作,历险克难; 3.追逐梦想,永不言弃。





    Dear Mike,

    Since you want to read Chinese classic works, I’d like to recommend Journeyto the West to you. _____________





    Li Hui